1. How does a t-grip differ from a pear grip?


As shown by the picture the shape is different. The t-grip is on the left and the pear grip is on the right.

2. How does an 8 inch paddle compare to a 9 inch paddle?


The width is wider on the 9 inch. The 9 inch is displayed on the right, and the 8 inch is displayed on the left.

3. What does a paddle extension look like?


It’s the metal tube at the top (24 inch is shown) and has button clips to affix it to the paddles.
How does it work?
The button clips simply click in place.
Why would I need one?
If you feel you need a longer kayak paddle, or if you use a standing paddle technique for canoeing.

4. What are button clip replacements?

They are spring activated inserts that go into our paddle shafts so you can use extensions, alter grips, or attach/detach kayak paddles.

5. What is the angle on the bent paddle?

12 Degrees. This is used by some paddlers to get a more efficient stroke.

6. What is a drip guard?

A clever way to keep water from getting to your hands while paddling. A simple rubber ring goes near the oar end of the paddle.

7. How does the kayak paddle come apart?


Through the use of button clips.

8. What is a paddle shaft grip?

It is a sleeve of plastic material that is heat shrunk on the shaft to prevent the aluminum from rubbing into your hands.

9. What is a T-Grip adapter set and how does it work?

It allows you to convert your kayak paddle into a canoe paddle.